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Closure of practice

To my dear clients, I sincerely regret to inform you that I will be closing my practice until further notice. Over the past few days I have been doing my best to reach out to people personally, however as there are a lot of people in my care, this has been a challenging task. A number of clients have messaged me in the last couple of days that they have not been able to book appointments online. The reason for this is that I had to quickly close the online booking system ahead of this message in order to prevent further inconvenience for people making appointments. Unfortunately, I will need to cancel any future appointments. Making this decision was very difficult as I sincerely care for my clients and I want the absolute best for them. I am truly sorry for any distress that this news may cause you. I really appreciate your patience especially as you have been waiting a long time to see me. In the interim if there is anything you need or that I can do to support you (eg. documentation or support to find another therapist) please do not hesitate to email me at Please note, that email will be my main point of contact.. I have some fantastic colleagues who have offered to work with my clients. Please let me know if you would like me to connect you with one of them. With the current COVID situation, you are not bound geographically to access Telehealth therapy. Therefore, I am able to recommend clinicians in different cities across the country. A few of my colleagues are still offering face-to-face therapy. I appreciate that it is hard to make a fresh start with a new therapist, but I would strongly encourage you to continue to with another therapist while I am on leave if you are needing ongoing support.

Please note: If you are on a Medicare Mental Health Plan, you DO NOT need a new referral to see a different Psychologist or Social Worker (unless your Mental Health Plan is about to expire). If have an NDIS plan you WILL need a new service agreement with a new therapist. I hope to return as soon as possible and I will be in touch to check in with you to see if you would like to resume therapy with me. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I am honoured that you chose to work with me when you decided to see a Psychologist. It has been a pleasure to work with you and to be a part of your life. I hope that our time together has been useful and has given you some resources that will help you in the future. Until we meet again, please stay safe and stay strong. Sincerely Michael


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